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Peace Of Mind = Monthly Giving

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Monthly giving is an important avenue to peace of mind.

Let’s face it, the best way to increase your bottom line cash flow issue is to increase fundraising efforts in a few main areas: Major Donors and Monthly Giving. These are the keys to the kingdom and the mental break we all could use instead of fretting about finances all the time. Having a monthly cash flow, no matter how large or small does offer some peace of mind. Major Donors is a topic all its own and not included in this list of ideas.

How do you increase your monthly giving?

This is a recipe to follow in the event monthly giving is appealing to you. First though, create a goal. Without a goal you won’t be able to gauge how successful your efforts have been.
  • Every August or September, take over your homepage with a direct link to your monthly donation page. Alternatively, you might make a large banner, just “above the fold”, so to speak with the donation details. You may also consider making a bold starburst to indicate this is a current appeal.
  • Send a special appeal via email, preferably with a match offer, followed by a series of emails that all pertain specifically to monthly giving. Remember, statistics say a number between 3 – 5 emails are most successful.
  • Make sure every online donation form you use has the monthly option included. Same with donation envelopes and any mailed appeal letters. In short, get consistent across all media.
  • Send a welcome package within a month after the first gift from anyone and include the monthly giving offer there. It goes without saying that a thank you has already been sent. 🙂
While this may not seem to be earth shattering information, the true message here is to be consistent in your efforts. The payoff will be significant. And, if you could fund 30% of your annual budget this way, imagine how that will feel.

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