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Don’t Stop Talking!

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No one likes to get the silent treatment. No one likes to be the last to know. Don’t stop talking with your donors.

Communicating with the people that have connected with your organization ought to be in an organized and consistent way. Some people assume that donors don’t want to hear from you. Wrong! Some people assume that too much contact (as defined by themselves) will drive donors away. Wrong!

There is no evidence that either case is true. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true. That is, decreasing donor contact almost always leads to a lower donor retention rate, and thus, less revenue for your organization. #truth

You are more likely to drive donors away by not communicating with them enough than you are by over communicating. (Click To Tweet)

You may even hear from one of your donors that they are annoyed by your emails. They may tell you they get too much mail from you. Don’t ever assume that they are speaking about more people than themselves. That would be too big a leap.

If you reduce your communication with donors, or take it away, this is what will likely happen:
  • It will cost you a lot of revenue in the short term.
  • It will diminish your contact file over the long term.
  • You will begin to believe that fundraising is annoying…and if you think that, it will become true.
Don’t stop talking to your donors. Talk better!

Photo by yu tang on Unsplash

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