MINDDRIVE Case Study Image

Client: MINDDRIVE, Kansas City

Challenge: The Social Fuel Tour¬†– an awareness campaign (in collaboration with VML) designed to get the country’s attention around how “project-based learning” helps high school students achieve graduation. We used an Arduino device, which was attached to the ignition switch of the electric car the students had built, and pulled a monitored conversation happening on social media. If there wasn’t enough participation on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the car would not start!
From the media’s standpoint, we’d created a “Tweet-powered Car!” and word spread far and wide!

Results: Over 400 Billion social media impressions! The story was picked up on over 350 news channels, featured on CNN’s Headline News, Mashable, Richard Branson’s blog, and numerous news organizations from around the globe.

Side Note:

This project was several years ago now (2013) but, I am very proud of this campaign and the incredible impact it had with my organization. As a founder, we had so much to say and a very small audience with which to engage, because we were new. This campaign changed all that!

There was an enormous amount of work that VML donated to this project. Once they revealed their concept, we all knew it would be a winner, so we took full advantage of all channels to distribute our messaging. The PR efforts ended up creating a viral effect around the world. We started hearing from many countries wanting to know how to build a program like MINDDRIVE in their communities.

In the end, we garnered nearly half a billion social media impressions, were published in hundreds of news outlets, and the VML/MINDDRIVE team received local, regional, national and international awards for the campaign.

It’s the impact that means the most and this campaign enabled us to share the importance of experiential learning to a much broader audience, build our contact list, and raise awareness and contributions to a new level.