I understand.

Running a non-profit enterprise is not an easy endeavor. You have to wear a lot of hats every single day. Seems that sometimes, no matter how well you’ve planned your day, your week, your month, you get derailed because of something that needs your immediate attention.

I understand, because I’ve been there. I’ve started a non-profit organization and learned from the ground up what it takes to be successful.

Donor Engagement

When it comes to donor engagement, we all understand how important it is to fuel our programs. Yet, often times, when writing to our donors we stare at the blank page before us and don’t know what to say or where to start.

We worry about coming across as pushy. We worry we’ll sound too cheesy. We worry we’re bothering our donors and contacting them too often. Next thing you know, we’ve put it aside for later, hoping for inspiration to come.

I’ll share with you some proven communications techniques that will take away that worry and help you create and stick with your communication strategy, stress free.

Engaging Your Board.

Board members can offer us a great deal of hope with their ability to make introductions on our behalf, or to contact their friend, a generous philanthropist in your community. Being tied to their schedule, their agenda, and their process can be very frustrating. It can throw off your weekly and monthly goals.

It’s important to know and understand which members of your board will be great assets for your fundraising strategy, and which may need to share their talents another way. The idea is to eliminate wasted time by assigning tasks to your board that they really aren’t comfortable doing.

We will assess your board’s strengths and identify the weaknesses and create a plan that empowers them all to contribute in meaningful and helpful ways.

Communication Strategy

The most important part of your non-profit’s communication strategy is that you keep your donor’s interests in mind.

We sometimes default to communicating about all the great things we are doing, the wonderful programs we’re offering, and we forget to talk about our impact and how our donors are making it all possible for the populations we serve.

Storytelling is a great way to tap into one’s heart. Our emotions are stirred when we understand the full impact we are making. However, there an be a fine line between sharing an inspiring story and exploiting those involved. I can help navigate that fine line.

I want to help. My background in video production and advertising photography has honed my storytelling skills through the written word, photography and video production. Together we can make meaningful messages that will inspire your donors and uplift your community.

Fundraising Strategy

Putting a plan in place will not only keep you focused on your established deadlines, it will make your job easier when you have your systems in place. Each donor category requires a little bit different approach. Your donor database will help you categorize and prioritize your efforts for each of your donor outreach strategies.

I have a terrific donor dashboard that will help you track your donors’ activity and your outreach to them so you can take a look at every board meeting or finance review.

I know I can help. Take a moment, check your calendar, and schedule a free consultation below.

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