Donor retention is all about relationships, connectivity, and communication.

Do you know your audience and how to build upon your most loyal followers?
Where are they consuming their information, when and how do they want it?
How can we broaden your audience to reach more stakeholders, to reach more donors and volunteers, to reach more of your civic leaders?

I can make this easier on you. With a few exercises you will be communicating your message through describing the problem, conveying the urgency of the problem, the solution your organization offers, and how donors can help right away to achieve the ultimate impact.

Are your donors using social media?
Do your emails end up in spam folders?
Is direct mail truly dead?

We build strategies for regular, non-invasive communication to all key stakeholders. They are not all in the same place, or consuming information in the same way. So, we’ll create a system for tagging your donors so they’ll receive the right communications at the right time.

If you are sending everything to everyone on your list, you’re likely losing people. I can help you identify the best way to communicate, when and how.

I will help you tell your story of impact and transformation, using the key ingredients of your success, along with images and data to capture attention quickly and in meaningful ways.

Your stories need to communicate the importance of your place in your community, the impact your programs are making, and the ripple effect you create in families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Together, we will explore these questions and much, much more to create a strategy that is on-target, manageable and impactful. Let’s get to work!


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