Sure, strategy is great! But, who’s going to do all of this work, cultivate the relationships, monitor the brand messaging? I can help you make all of this a manageable and enjoyable process for your organization.

I’ve proven strategies, systems and processes that work!

Communicating with your donors, cultivating new donors, thanking your donors, reporting your impact, communicating with your community, telling your story, attracting and managing your volunteers, gaining support from corporate sponsorships, and more…the list seems never ending sometimes! I totally get that.

Once your systems are in place, these things become much more attainable, I promise!

I have 25+ years experience in the advertising, marketing, photography and video production fields, creating impactful messages for companies from just about every industry. My favorite projects were always with the charity organizations because there are always inspiring stories to share.

Combining the use of impactful storytelling with the media most likely to carry the message into the right hands is important.  I can certainly help there. My gift truly lies in the donor communications arena, making sure you are segmenting your list and delivering the right content to the right people at the right intervals.

Some of the ways I can help are:

  • Communication/Marketing Strategy
  • Setting up a Donor Dashboard that tracks and manages your entire donor family
  • Launching a monthly donor campaign
  • Making the most of your online and social media fundraising
  • E-newsletter templates and monthly sending
  • Event Design – Invites, Program, Posters, Swag, etc.
  • Social Media plan and implementation

Set a FREE exploratory meeting to assess your needs and brainstorm ways to make your life easier and your donors well stewarded. I look forward to working together!

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