– Hi, I’m Linda –

I am passionate about helping to create equitable opportunities for all our citizens, and for those that follow.

– Hi, I’m Linda –

I am passionate about helping to create equitable opportunities for all our citizens, and for those that follow.


Linda Buchner Zachariah

My life’s journey brings me to this moment.

In some ways, all the “things” from my career, which have led me to this point, are now irrelevant. The accomplishments I’ve had, the jobs I’ve held, the titles I’ve earned, awards bestowed on me; none of that really matters in terms of what I’d like to accomplish these days.

What matters are the lessons learned along the way and the threads that string through and connect one experience to another, forming a calling that fills my life with purpose and meaning. It’s in the lessons, those taught and those learned, where my values emerge and my moral compass is honed.

I am an entrepreneur, communicator, relationship builder, and have a deep love of fundraising and empowering non-profits to do their work with dignity and appreciation. I started my career in the advertising and marketing industry, sharing the stories of companies, products, people, and organizations through the written word, photography and video production.

I wanted to create impact.

At midlife, I started to feel a pull to do something that made a bigger difference in my community. I wanted to create impact. I wanted my life to mean something more than how I spent my days at a “J.O.B.”.  I wanted to take the skills I’d learned and use them to help share stories of the amazing work in the nonprofit sector.

I love non-profit organizations and believe they are the key ingredient needed to get real change (for good) done. But, it didn’t come naturally for me.

I am not a protester, I’m not one to be very vocal about issues (even the ones I care deeply about), and I’m not ever going to run for office. I don’t have my Congress people or City officials on speed dial. I’m not a fence sitter, I just like to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself.

My protest comes in the way of action. I like to get involved with a cause by digging in and helping where I can. I love to help fuel an organization’s mission and see what collaboration around a cause can do to activate change. My voice comes out through that involvement and I become a dedicated advocate.


is my activism, my contribution
toward positive change.

There are so many things happening in the world today and it’s difficult to know where one can make any difference at all. I have looked deep inside my heart to find the things that resonate with my life the most, the places I feel I could create impact for good, and how I’d like to show up for my community.

Two of my passion projects are below. If they resonate with you, I encourage you to click in and get involved, too!

I am serving as board president of a fairly young organization, Kanbe’s Markets, which is working hard to improve the food insecurity issues in the urban core of Kansas City. This organization launched in January 2016 and celebrates ongoing success and incredible impact when it comes to getting fresh produce into places where folks need it the most.

I’m engaged because 400,000 people in my city lack access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables due to the fact that large areas in the urban core and elsewhere, are defined as food deserts for the lack of grocery stores within reach. Most people would like to eat healthier, would like to put meals on the table for their families. The food distribution system has let a great portion of the city down. So, folks come to rely on fast food and convenience stores for their groceries and meals.

We need to #GiveAccess.

My husband, David, and I support the work of the Salvation Army and love their tagline, “Doing the Most Good”. They work hard to meet human needs without discrimination and we’ve been so moved by their stories. There are so many in our community that are literally hanging on by a thread; incomes are used as soon as they’re received and many struggle to put a safe roof over their heads and good food on the table. The pandemic broke that thread for many and we are inspired by the consistent presence of the Salvation Army Food Pantry, their AfterSchool Programs, as well as the Pathway of Hope, giving families a chance to get back on their feet and remove obstacles to success.

Our Current

Passion Projects

These are two of the places we currently contribute
our time, talent and treasure.

Access to fresh and affordable food is crucial if our communities are to thrive. Kanbe’s Markets eliminates food insecurity by empowering individuals and providing them with healthy food options.

The Salvation Army is an organization dedicated to doing the most good in your community without discrimination.