Over time, I’ve come to really love coordinating events! You can love it, too.
A well planned, goal-oriented event does not need to be stressful.

I can help. In fact, I’d love to help.

Some of the things we will consider while we create your plan are:

  • Your fundraising strategy
  • Your donor retention strategy
  • Donor recognition tactics and implementation plan
  • Corporate Sponsorships and the role they play at your events
  • Communication with key stakeholders and media outlets…and much more!

We can create something that widens your income funnel and secures your event’s bottom line revenue goal.

I think you’d agree, we all need to get the word out about our organization, our program, our process, and our products. Some of that is done online, some by mail, and sometimes it just needs to be in person.

Creating EXPERIENCES that will leave your audience moved, thinking and talking about your organization for days afterwards is one of my favorite things to do.

Event planning and implementation can be a drain on an organization’s staff. Cultivating caring individuals from your board and community can take a lot of the pressure off, but you still need a point person.

My background of 25+ years in advertising, marketing, commercial photography and video production enable me to pull together a well-conceived event that has consistent, on-brand messaging, through poignant authenticity and clarity of mission, that will unlock donor dollars and warm the hearts of those supporting your organization.

Events can be anything from:

  • An informational breakfast for key stakeholders
  • A golf tournament or other interactive participant event, like a walk or a 5K run, etc.
  • A luncheon to celebrate the good work of those in your field or your organization
  • A gala dinner that provides an annual overview with a major fundraising component.
  • A conference, hosted by you, that brings industry leaders to the table for informational and personal development opportunities.
  • Grass-roots efforts, like friend-raisers, happy hour gatherings, brunch with friends + family
  • Open house, hosted at your organization

Corporate Sponsorships

Each event has a unique set of goals and expected outcomes. Gaining corporate sponsorships is most likely one of them. I can walk you through the process and timelines needed to bring new corporate dollars to your bottom line.

If you’d like to take the pressure off during this year’s event planning, please give me a call. I’ve provided some easy tools that you may use (for free) that can help get you organized.

Or, click the link below and set up a quick exploratory meeting – I’d love to hear your plans for this year’s events.


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