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“I think this world will be saved by kids rather than adults.”

What if we all truly believed that our children would save the world rather than us adults? What if we allowed our children to experiment, play and educate themselves? What if we educated entire families in a whole new way?

Marc Winn is a believer who is determined to implement neuroscientific concepts and the limitless potential of maverick kids in education and thus create a more sophisticated and effective system, which will ultimately change our world for the better.

Marc has been coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs since 2008. Before that he was an outwardly successful but inwardly unhappy Internet entrepreneur. He is married to Valerie and has a 3-year old son called “cheeky Charlie”.

In 2010, Marc read Tim Ferris’ book, The 4-Hour Work Week; a book that changed the course of his life.

After spending decades being unmotivated and – as Marc admits himself – lazy, he realized that his weaknesses were actually his superpowers that he could use in extraordinary ways to achieve extraordinary things.

Raising questions like, “Why can’t a 10-year old cure cancer? Why can’t an 8-year old start a space program? What if we told kids they could do things? What if we gave them permission? What is the least you can do to achieve the most?” Marc is one to always think outside the box and ready to tackle any issue from an unexpected and unexplored side.

Today, Marc Winn is working on a pilot school project to reimagine the upper limits of childhood education. He is one of the co-founders of The Dandelion Project, which has an aim to make Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020. It’s a grassroots movement to inspire a nation to disrupt its own bureaucracy. He is also the curator of TEDxStPeterPort, which asked the question in March of “how do we make the best place to live on earth”

He lives a remarkable life and he passionately believes that you can too.

Check out Marc’s blog to read more about his worldview.

In today’s conversation, we dive into Marc’s novel thoughts, his belief in the genius of children and mixing different backgrounds as well as his refreshing way of delegating action in the world of education reform.

We tackle issues that often seem too big to be solvable and instead talk about creative solutions that showcase the reality that hope really is out there.

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