Building Your Dream School with Lindsay Yates


Lindsay Yates has always dreamed of opening a school. Now, her dream is coming true.

Last year, Lindsay was hired by the Crossroads Academy to be the new principle of Quality Hill Academy, a school that is going to open its doors this fall.

An Iowa State University graduate, Lindsay moved to Kansas City to begin her career in education. After teaching 5th grade at Santa Fe Elementary in the Hickman Mills School District, she ventured into the charter school world, teaching math and science at Scuola Vita Nuova. Her career path led her to being certified in special education, teaching at Ewing Marion Kauffman School as a Learning Support Specialist and later being promoted to the Dean of Students.

Her experience taught her that learning happens everywhere and all the time and should not be confined to the classroom.

That is why she is so excited that Quality Hill Academy will open in the middle of Kansas City; a place where students can utilize the community and study in the surrounding buildings like the public library or the theater. This urban aspect will enhance the kid’s learning experience and give them the opportunity to become change agents who make this world a better place.

In this conversation, Lindsay shares that blended learning (how technology can be used to enhance the teaching in the classroom), project based learning, co-teaching (44 kids per class with multiple teachers), the ability to elect foreign language from kindergarten, individualized learning and more will give Quality Hill its unique character.

We talk about the requirement Lindsay has for new teachers, her open door policy, why taking risks and being messy in education matters, her desire for students attending Quality Hill Academy and why her daughter is her biggest inspiration.

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