Core Atlas, A Tool To Navigate and Learn Core Standards with Paul Bulakowski of Mind My Education


Paul Bulakowski an entrepreneur, scientist and educator who has found his calling in the neuroscience education environment. Paul shares his enthusiasm for inspiring students and empowering them to be their own education navigators. His research is founded upon methods utilizing neuroscience to unlock neural pathways to enhance student learning potential.

Starting out as a self-proclaimed baseball jock disinterested in school for the most part until, as a senior, he took Neuroscience and Psychology. His teacher shared that they would be “learning together” as it was the first year for the course to be offered. She went on to let him know that if he continued learning about neuroscience he could be an expert because it was so new. This intrigued him and sparked a passion within that led him down a path of

  • Learning
  • Research
  • Professorship
  • and ultimately Entrepreneurship.

While focusing his efforts on research, he became attracted to the concepts and connections between brain processes and the senses. Beginning with sight, he learned how integral the correlation between the mind and senses was in memory and learning.

While seeking to further explore and impact education, Paul realized that for the most profound effect, concentrating on the youngest in society, those in elementary school was where to begin.. What became evident was that there was a gradual shift of disinterest in school from the 3-5th grades, so he focused his efforts there.

Paul shares a bit of statistical information about the Common Core Teaching Curriculum and the complexities of its 150 standards that each student must meet and be tested on yearly.

He has founded a company that has translated Common Core concepts and standards into and easily understood illustrated program called Core Atlas.  It is a quest, of sorts, where students have guidebooks, maps and even compasses to enable them to create their own paths and achieve their educational goals.

This method urges students to think beyond the basic reading, language and math and teaches critical thinking skills that, in turn, cause students evaluate where they are and determine where they want to go. Students can employ this thought process when continuing to learn their chosen skills outside of the traditional school environment whether musical instruments or swimming in the deep end.

The company manufactures solely within the US and via the site offers resources for parents and teachers alike. While only offered for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at the moment long-term Paul hopes to offer Core Atlas to all students from all backgrounds in grades K-12.

Currently, these are the quests offered:

  • 3rd Grade: Underwater/ Ocean
  • 4th Grade: Quest
  • 5th Grade: Outer Space

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