Getting Your Ducks in A Row


Everyone has a process for organizing their day, their errands, their desk. At least I’m making that assumption. There are huge benefits that come with having a quieted mind, one that can easily move through tasks with purpose and ease.

I’ve been testing a number of ways that I approach my work day lately and there are some things that have bubbled up to the surface that I will use and hold on to, some that don’t work at all. One thing that sort of surprised me when I felt like nothing was working and it was as if I was walking through mud was that I switched gears. I took a wider view of my workspace. Here’s what I did, and it might work for you, too.

I emptied out my desk completely. I also had a couple of boxes of miscellaneous things related to office supplies, bank accounts, things that needed to be filed, books that wanted a shelf to sit on, etc. I started small piles of things that looked alike. Turns out I had four boxes of staples, 3 containers of different sized paper clips, 20 or so post-it notes, about a hundred pens and pencils, a small pile of books, and oh, so many journals.

I organized everything. Using simple ziplock bags and a Sharpie marker, I bagged things together. I created a container that didn’t need to be in my office at all, but could reside up in my attic, completely accessible when I needed to resupply my desk drawer of staples, pens or what not. I found a place on my bookshelf for all of the orphaned books. I discarded things that were outdated and shredded many documents related to my business that I must have used in one meeting or another along the way.

This made me feel completely renewed and energized. My ducks were in a row (!) and there is now very little in my office that can cause a distraction to my work day.

Energetically, I’ve heard that if you walk by something that needs to be picked up, cleaned, or taken to the dishwasher, etc., that simple eye contact with said object takes energy from you. It’s robbing you each and every time you walk by it!

Quick recap on getting your ducks in a row in terms of office clutter:

  1. Get everything out where you can see it.
  2. Organize it in terms of similar items and find a way to contain each item, either with a rubber band or a small baggie.
  3. Neatly place all groups and clumps into a larger tub, but don’t crowd or overstuff it.
  4. Label the outside of the tub with either a simple “Office Supplies” or a list of what’s inside.
  5. Take somewhere for storage.
  6. Enjoy a renewed sense or organization and pat yourself on the back!

One quirky thing I learned about myself during this 2-hour exercise was I’m a chapstick hoarder! Seriously! It’s true.

So, please share with us – what’s stashed inside your desk? And feel free to share any tips you’ve found to work in terms of maximizing your workspace.

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