Believing Eyes

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We all recognize when we are walking in and among “our people”, “our tribe”, “our group”; we can sense it, we can feel their energy, and we are uplifted.

There’s a lot of power to be drawn from being with people who look at you and see all the good in you, your potential, your best self. They believe in who you are at your very core and they support whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Let’s take a moment to consider who you have in your corner. Who do you know that loves you unconditionally? Who do you know that will have your back, if ever you or your character came under attack? Who is there for you when you have an idea and need to bounce it off someone that will listen, who will ¬†honor the creative process and sit with you until you figure something out?

Why is this important?¬†Imagine what your life would be like if you couldn’t answer any of these questions. How alone would you feel? How scared would you be to step outside your comfort zone or to take risks? How easy would it be for you to wander down the wrong path?

We humans have an innate desire to be with our tribe. We like to couple up and group up with those that inspire us and encourage us. We seek examples of leadership and set our sights on what we aspire to achieve and then we surround ourselves with people who believe in the same principals we do.

My friend, Cindy, calls these people my “believing eyes”. She is that for me and I am that for her. We spend time together often and although we are in completely different industries for our work, we inspire and encourage each other’s goals and achievements. We provoke each other to be better and to reach higher. We also keep a watchful eye on if we’re going overboard, allowing work life to take over. She and I often tell each other to give yourself a break, take some time, restore, relax, and refresh – which is often exactly what is needed to achieve that last step at the summit.

She’s also the one who will be honest with me and help me see “my side of the street” if I’m going through a struggle at work or in relationship. It’s because of a loving touch from one of my believing eyes friends that I can see when and where I’m wrong, get advice on how to correct it, and to be accountable for taking the lessons and leaving the rest behind.

I encourage you to take stock. Search through your list of friends, family and colleagues who play the role of believing eyes in your life. Be grateful for them! Most importantly, take note of whether you play that role for anyone else. Who do you believe in? Who do you encourage, provoke or support unconditionally? Neither position is more powerful, they are equally life giving. Both are important.

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