“The Winding Path of Finding Your Why” with Rachel Gogos of MyPath101


Rachel Gogos

Originally studying to work in academia, Rachel Gogos took a somewhat winding career path through life. Starting her career at United Nations headquarters in NYC and turning into a serial-entrepreneur and brand strategist, she felt some angst with every new transition. This experience inspired her to help students better understand themselves at a younger age in life.

Today, Rachel is the owner of brandiD, where she channels over 20 years of marketing and communication’s experience into each and every one of brandiD’s clients. She is a true Internet pioneer who was creating business on the web before Google was established as a commercial entity in 1998, and long before the phrase “personal branding” became an industry buzzword.

Rachel’s held positons at The Wall Street Journal, DowJones.com as well as launched three companies (besides brandiD) of her own.

Her entrepreneurial spirit started young: the product of Greek immigrants and Buffalo-based entrepreneurs, Rachel literally grew up in the restaurant business. As a budding idea generator, she developed a strategy and brand identity to turn a dilapidated eatery into a hip family restaurant, which remains a popular destination to this day.

Never forgetting about her passion for education and believing that education is a great equalizer in life, Rachel created MyPath 101, which is a way for students in high school and college to get to know themselves and make a choice that feels right to them. Additionally, MyPath 101 can help increase success with the 4-year graduation rate in the US.

MyPath 101 offers 3 specific areas:

  1. Identity and Personal Branding: Identify your strengths
  2. Social media strategy: managed your reputation
  3. Career marketing: land your dream job using traditional marketing advice and 21st century know-how

The MyPath 101 online programming isn’t meant to be consumed all in one session. The modules are offered in a way where students, and potentially even parents, can jump around and use the parts that are relevant to them depending on where they are in life.

A mother of 2 girls, Rachel loves to explore the many educational opportunities that exist outside the classroom: museums, experimental learning programs. Additionally, she likes to enrich her children’s educational experience by making it more fulfilling and hands-on.

In our conversation, Rachel and I discuss some of the biggest challenges we face as communities in terms of education, who can create an impact in educational reform, what drives Rachel as an over-achiever, and who inspires her to keep going despite the obstacles of creating and marketing a new product.

If you would like to see the visual of the creed that Rachel reads on the podcast, go here:

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