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The Good Life!


A couple of months ago, I did what I’ve done the past 3 years. I went to camp! Camp GLP (Good Life Project) is an immersive, inspirational, educational, crazy creative, wildly silly and magically deep experience for adults. There were nearly 400 of us, gathered from around the globe, sharing and holding space with each other at a 130-acre camp just outside of New York City. Most are strangers in name but soul sisters and brothers in the flesh.

What happens when you find your tribe? A lot! You feel amazing. You care deeply about others and their happiness. You care less about hair, makeup, age, weight, height, income, knowledge or any of the other ways you tend to judge yourself against others. In fact, you can go for days without ever finding out anyone’s occupation – it’s just not all that important (is it?). You allow yourself to be you and be seen and become vulnerable at any moment during the day or night. You’re in your “safe place”.

This year, the evenings were especially magical. My bunkhouse was “down by the lake” and across a big basketball court. All 3 nights, as I searched in the dark for my home, I found a circle of campers lying on the basketball court looking up at the stars. I was guided to them by their giggles and gasps and drawn in by their welcome oneness. We laid there for at least an hour searching for shooting stars and telling stories. Because it was so dark, I really have no idea who was there and whether or not I knew any of them. I was one with them and the Universe in those moments. These memories of those nights can be recalled in a heartbeat, still.

At camp, everyone’s experience is different and there are lots of choices in how you fill your days. For me, the days were filled with learning and playing, testing my outer limits, and lots and lots of letting go! And, allowing, saying YES(!), and being willing to let go of the destination, the outcome, or whether or not I’d rather be a different workshop than the one I was sitting in.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-4-37-39-pmAt camp this year, Jonathan Fields (founder of Good Life Project) read from his new book. How To Live A Good Life, Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom”

In anticipation of the launch date, Jonathan put together an amazing movement with an open invitation to accept your very own good life journey. It’s so full of goodness and joy and community…and, his specialty: delight!

Be sure to check out the page on his website: www.goodlifeproject.com/book .

This isn’t a book you simply read and put on the shelf. It’s created in a way that gives you things to think about, contemplate (either alone or with your significant other) and then implement into your life. Presented in bite-sized pieces, there is nothing overwhelming about it. I’m taking it all in and am seeing subtle shifts already. In the end, my guess is that my life will be more rich, full with community, rich in vitality and sustained by contribution.

Join me, and others in your own quest to uncover your “Good Life”!

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