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Two Little Words Can Start A Shift

Thank you written sparkler on a black

You may think it’s common sense. But, you would be surprised at how many non-profit organizations use these two words so sparingly, they’re hardly being uttered. Certainly, they’re not being said enough. Those two words are, Thank You!

When we get our fundraising hats on, get our plans out and start plotting our outreach efforts, don’t make the mistake of not allowing time for the follow-up thank you. It’s just as important, if not more, to the whole donor engagement strategy.

First and foremost, you’re not completing your job if you only send out an automated acknowledgement letter to be used as a tax receipt. Nope, I’m not talking about that.

Just as there are many ways to tell someone you love them, there are a bunch of fun ways to thank your donors and make them feel super appreciated.

Here are a few ways to get you started. Use these to jumpstart a brainstorm with your team, and have fun with it!

Five Easy Ways To Thank Your Donors

    1. Phone calls. Enlist your board members to make heartfelt thank you calls to your donors. You can provide a few talking points that you want to be sure and mention, along with a few questions they could ask as a way to connect personally with your donor.


    1. A simple hand-written note from those you serve can go a long way with your donors. For example, if your organization serves teens, you can have them write a thank you and include a quick story about themselves that can easily paint the picture of the services they receive.


    1. Send a letter reporting impact right away. If your donor just helped meet a fundraising goal and thus, a new program will begin, more people will be served, etc., take a moment and tell them this news. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out – let them know how their contribution helped.


    1. Send a great greeting card. You’ve already sent the acknowledgement letter, so why not send a cute Thank You card and make your donor feel special. Sometimes the Hallmark message is exactly what you want to say – so use that as your jumping off point when crafting a meaningful thank you.


  1. Host a thank you party, specifically to thank your donors. This can be an open house, where they get the chance to meet and hear from members of your board. It can be a big deal or small affair. Just make sure that the message is gratitude and don’t make the mistake of turning it into a fundraising atmosphere.

Two little words…with great BIG meaning!

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