News Flash! Your Donors May Not Be Listening…

Some of us fail because we’re too humble. Yes, it’s true. We get so close to our work and we seem to talk about it in all of our social circles, among friends, family, and our significant others that we can’t fathom the thought that someone hasn’t heard about our most recent success!

Let me just say it: You’re wrong to assume your donors are listening. You’re incorrect if you think they are paying attention to your corner of the Universe. They are not waiting with bated breath for you to spill the beans.

Anything worth saying in your fundraising efforts is worth repeating.

You may even have to start at the beginning, provide context, and say things you feel you’ve said a million times before.

Here’s why: a very small percentage of what we say gets read, heard, or seen. It’s sad, but true.

So, we need to repeat ourselves and tell the same story again and again. Maybe with a slightly different cadence, a different tone, sharing the short and long versions, etc. To know the importance of this assumes you understand that by repeating yourself, you will not alienate, turn off, or anger your donors.

Oh, and don’t mistake your board members as your donor audience when they complain about your repetitive nature. They actually have the bird’s eye view of your organization and may hear your story too many times for their taste. 🙂 That’s okay. It’s not too many times for most of your donors.

Give yourself a break. Spend less time reinventing your messaging every single time and insert some repetition. Your results will land on your side on this, I promise.

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